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Bluestone Rocks

The bluestone of Australian origin has a great reputation around the world and is known to be of the highest quality as compared to anywhere else. The blue/grey shade is very distinct on the appearance. In addition to this, the low content of pyrite in bluestone rocks ensures that the colour is sustained over a large period of time.

Being a hard stone, it is also very durable. This quality of bluestone rocks makes them the best choice when it comes to laying pavement. We, at Transrock, ensure that our valued customers are awarded with the perfect finishing touches to their paving, so that not only the colour of this beautiful rock stands out, but the quality also speaks for itself.

Bluestone rocks can be given a smoother finish for enhancing their unique dark appearance. It is one of the qualities of blue rock that it can be customized as per your requirements, by giving it a polished or semi polished look since the rock has integrated hardness.

The use of bluestone rocks is extensive. This means that you can have them cut into dimensional forms to be used in walkways, pavements and stairs. In addition to this, bluestone is also widely used for natural steps, sidewalks, terraces and wall stones. At Transrock, we offer the best cutting designs for places you wish to adorn with bluestone.

Moreover, a bluestone rock is of great importance for serving as a retentive feature.

Bluestone rocks are commonly referred to as striking stones that are distinct in their look and feel. For this reason alone, it is considered to be the perfect rock for gardens and landscapes where you want to introduce some structural changes.

At Transrock, our mantra refers to our exclusive quality, as we extract bluestone from South Australia. Thus, we ensure that the best of the bluestone is selected.

Any landscape can be given a complete new life with the use of bluestone. Since the shapes and sizes can be arranged and toyed with, Transrock makes it a point that your garden and standing structures are nothing short of attractive masterpieces crafted by the most skilled.

Transrock has the most comprehensive mix of Bluestone rocks. Our vast category includes Gabion Rocks, Bluestone Rip-Rap, Bluestone Flagstone, Bluestone Ballast, Quarry Spalls and Bluestone Seats Rocks.

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