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River Rocks

At Transrock, we have the finest quality river rocks available. Our competitive prices with extremely skilled team ensure that your landscape gets the best professional touch that it deserves.

Among the range of rocks and soils that are available on our forums, some of the popular materials include:

Mud rocks

Mud rocks are thinly grained rocks that are composed from sediment. At Transrock, we select these river rocks from a very pure variety that is earthy brown in terms of both colour and material. This sediment can vary from extremely smooth to rough ones. Mud rocks are handy, as they can be conveniently managed as per the needs of the landscape. They can be easily cut and designed to give a spectacular finish.


Granite is among one of the most amazing of the river rocks all because of the range of colours and surfaces available. Along with this, it has properties of toughness and resilience making it a most sought-after rock for landscaping.

Volcanic rock

Also popularly known to be honeycomb rock, these types of river rocks have a surface that is grainy and have amazing colours that can add the element of intrigue in any landscape. This is a rampant choice at Transrock for pavements borders, water structures and walls that need retention.

River Pebbles

These are ideal river rocks when you want to give a sleek, furnished look to your garden landscape. River pebbles can be added in pot plants, in mid areas of walkways, around pathways and anywhere your imagination takes you. At Transrock, we provide you with a great variance of sizes, colours and shapes for river pebbles.

Bluestone Rocks

Bluestone gives a magnified look to places where it is laid whether it is a landscape or a water structure. For places that need a loud architectural appearance, bluestone is an ideal choice that not only adds value but also a finish that would stand the same way for many years to come.

At Transrock, we believe in providing our customers with the best quality river rocks that their garden deserves. Our experienced staff offer the best consultation with respect to your landscape requirements. For any further queries and assistance call (03)9722 0920.

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